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The Trusted Name
for Academic Success.

Providing a tailored tutoring experience at an affordable cost.


Empowering Students
to Reach Their Full Potential.

Titans Tutoring knows academic success is achieved one small win at a time.


User Stories


Years of Experience

Calculus Student

"Thank you Titans Tutoring! For helping me with Calculus."



Trigonometry Student

“With the help of my tutor I was able to breeze through my trig tests and assignments. Thanks!"

Joseph B.


Integrated Math 3 Student

“Tutoring workshop is very active, helpful, and really feels like the help is these and not just an answer machine. My tutor actually teaches me the stuff I need so it sticks”

Joey B.


Learning Possibilities

Our mission is to deliver individual academic support to our students. By promoting intellectual growth in a stimulating environment able to adapt each student’s individual learning style.

We enrich lives through learning.

Maximizing potential through individual attention.

The trusted name for specialized tutoring.

People teach. People learn. This is where they connect.


Where Home & School Meet

Our vision is to create a homeschool community that comes alongside partners and parents in supporting and assisting their children.

Maximizing a young mind's potential through individual attention.

We enrich lives through learning.

Parents & Teachers working together to encourage children to reach developmental and academic milestones.

The trusted name for preparing children for school.


Inspiring Young Minds

Academic Success starts with building a solid foundation. Our program is designed to helping your child develop strong thinking and learning skills while improving reading, writing, math, and everyday study habits. The outcome? Improvement in Grades and Confidence!

Maximizing potential through individual attention.

We enrich lives through learning.

Teaching the way kids learn best.

The trusted name for specialized tutoring.


Secure Your Future

The High School Success program is designed to help students use their time more effectively to find that balance in life. We help develop new strategies to tackle their high school studies, teens learn how to-learn and conquer homework, tests, and assignments. Building better learning habits and preparing for college.

We enrich lives through learning.

Maximizing potential through individual attention.

The trusted name for specialized tutoring.

Building study habits to prepare for College.


Investing in Knowledge

One-on-one tutoring has been proven to be the most effective way for students to learn. Our instructors are committed to carefully listen to the student’s problems and actively answer their questions. Each student receives customized instruction tailored for each student’s unique learning style while emphasizing positive reinforcement and building your student’s confidence and self- esteem.

We enrich lives through learning.

Maximizing potential through individual attention.

The trusted name for One-On-One Tutoring.

Active communication. Where students and teachers connect.


Knowledge is Power

Titans Tutoring provides enrichment courses in the areas of Languages, Business, Science and Engineering. These are designed to engage and challenge students based on their level of understanding who are eager to learn outside their core curriculum and have a special interest in these subjects.

Maximizing potential through Science.

We enrich minds through Engineering.

2 Languages 2 Worlds.

Little Entrepreneurs: Business For Kids


Popular Courses

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The Best Tutors in Town

Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school or high school, our staff at Titans Tutoring provides the right academic tools that lead to success.

Julie Fajardo


“The value of achievement lies in the achieving.” -Albert Einstein

Wilson Fajardo


“Do not worry too much about your difficulty in mathematics, I can assure you that mine are still greater.” -Albert Einstein

Ms. Maribel Corrales


“Let us remember: one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.” —Malala Yousafzai

Pricing Plans

Providing Affordable Academic Achievement

Titans Tutoring

  • Grade Level
  • Days per Week
  • Session Duration
  • Student Teacher Ratio
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Practice Material
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Quiz/Test Prep
  • Customized Lesson Plan
  • Individualized Learning Program


$200 / Per Month
  • Kinder – 8th
  • 1
  • 5 Hrs
  • 12:1

Private 1:1

Starting at $40 / Per Session
  • K – 12th
  • As Needed
  • 1 Hr
  • 1:1


Starting at $60 / Per Month
  • K-6th
  • 1
  • 3 Hrs
  • 12:1

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