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Wilson Fajardo

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Wilson Fajardo

Mr. Wilson | Business Development & 7th – 12th Grade Tutor

I received my BS in Aerospace Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona in 2007. Over the past decade I’ve become an expert in Streamlining Manufacturing, Automation, Engineering R&D & Packaging Processes across different Industries; Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas, Consumer Products. I’m a Problem Solver by heart, a self-starter, motivated individual looking to push the limits of new technologies.


I have always being fascinated with teaching. During my last year in college I took several courses to follow a teaching path. Although, I did not became a teacher over my past decade as a Sr. Level Engineer I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and help entry level engineers develop their skills needed to solve problems.


Working at Titans Tutoring has been very rewarding. My years of experience helping others develop their learning skills has taught me not everyone has the same learning aptitude. Some are visual learners, others grasp theoretical concepts very easily and some like me need apply concepts with hands on learning to understand the subject at hand.



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