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Julie Bui

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Julie Bui

Ms. Julie | Site Director

After graduating from California State University Fullerton in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, I explored different career paths until 2016, when I took the opportunity to step back and assess the common threads connecting each of my professional experiences, and what I loved about each of those jobs. It was during this time I discovered that I was drawn to development and guidance, especially as it related to working with families and children.


I became fascinated with the Education field when I was offered a teaching position at a Montessori preschool while attending Cal State Fullerton. It was this up close observation of babies learning to walk, toddlers learning to talk, and preschoolers learning to navigate social relationships and elementary students learning independence and growth that propelled me to dive headfirst into my own experience as a parent and teacher. I began to develop the vision for what is now Titans Tutoring; a place where we value hands-on learning with a major emphasis on academic preparation where children are given the chance to explore social and emotional connections, enhance their language, literacy, and math skills, among others, in a well-prepared environment that will set the stage for a lifetime of learning.


My training, education, certifications, and special achievements are: Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and
Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Adolescents.