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Empowering children to reach their potential.

We begin with an in depth assessment that pinpoints school and learning issues, then we create a customized learning program that meets your child’s unique needs.

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Concerned about school? Titans Tutoring is here to help!

Titans Tutoring is more than helping students with subjects. Our goal is to figure out how children feel about the entire concept of school and learning. Building confidence and motivation is key to school success. We help students find what motivates them so they are on track and looking ahead to success down the road. Our 1:1 Tutoring programs help to do that and more. Your child will receive a customized learning plan, learning strategies to implement in school, study and organization tips, regular classes that balance one-on-one time with self-directed work, and improved school habits.

Top tutors go the extra mile.

Titans Tutoring is part of your child’s school success team. We consult with teachers, read report cards, and engage our students to participate beyond the classroom to develop a greater sense of their goals and dreams, so that we can help turn them into realities.

"Tutors at this location helped me in the past. Went from struggling with geometry to my now profession as a geometric programmer!"

Jimmy D.


Awesome Tutor!

“Ms. Maribel, you are so awesome! Thank you for helping me with my writing”

Brooke A.


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Rachel Collins


Why Us?


When your child is struggling in school, there’s always a reason. Whether it’s comprehension, motivation, lack of challenge or lack of confidence, Titans Tutoring will get to the root of the problem and through a personalized learning program, help your child become a better, more confident student who achieves higher grades.


Your ability to process information, reason, remember, and relate are all based on cognition. With developed cognitive skills, your child will be better able to learn new concepts as they go from one grade to the next.


Titans Tutorings Dynamic Assessment is used to assess how your child learns. But what is the Dynamic Assessment? It’s the easiest and most stress-free way for us to assess your child’s skills.


No two kids are alike, so why should all programs be alike? At Titans Tutoring 1:1 Programs are customized to meet the student’s exact learning needs.

Unlike in the classroom, the student sets the pace—there is no timeline, no set curriculum to abide by. When a child has mastered a skill, then we move on, whether it takes 30 minutes or 30 days.

Our programs put the focus on active learning and critical thinking while we develop academic skills so that students develop an understanding not only of what they are learning but why they are learning it. Active thinking leads to better learning, not just in class, but in life.

We don’t just want students to pass the next test—we want them to develop better thinking and learning skills for life!

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